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Club Nàutic Darnius. Crta. del Pantà s/n

Village: Darnius

Wakeboarding is one of the specialties of excèntrik Club, mixing concepts of other water sports such as surfing or water skiing. A boat with a high metallic tower, a rope, a table for the water slide and space to be able to jump using the wake left by the boat speed when taking on water. From there, the speed and skill of Wakeboarder when jumping are the essential elements that make this sport. They can grow to spectacular waterfalls, towering and very long without needing the waves that are in the open sea. With this sport, wakeboarding can be placed to head down during the execution of a jump.

Magic Emporda can perform different water activities Darnius-Boadella reservoir. We have motor boats capable of carrying up to breakneck speeds and enjoy the sports that usually take place at sea to benefit us, in our case a lot more calm and controlled environment.

Magic Emporda


609 724 124


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  • 1 | Xavi Date 03/02/2009, Time 19:04h

    Una de les activitats més potents de Salines Bassegoda

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