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>Sant Bartomeu de Pincaró Church

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  • Sant Bartomeu de Pincaró Church
  • Sant Bartomeu de Pincaró Church

{0>Al peu del camí que mena a l'Hostal de la Muga.<}0{>On foot on the path leading to L'Hostal de La Muga<0}

Village: Albanyà

Phone: 972 56 91 90

Sant Bartomeu de Pincaró is a beautiful example of 12th-century Romanesque churches, very characteristic of this area between La Garrotxa and L'Empordà. It houses a single nave with a semicircular apse to the east, a descending pointed arch entrance and a narrow belfry to the western façade. Part of the north wall is originally from an earlier church. It has preserved the old baptismal font and another rectangular one. Unfortunately, the bolt and other Romanesque ironwork elements on the door recently disappeared.


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  • 1 | Salines Bassegoda Date 15/09/2009, Time 11:54h

    Bon dia Joan, l'acccés a l'ermita és per una pista forestal que no està esfaltada. Només s'hi pot arribar en vehicle tot terreny o a peu. Salutacions!

  • 2 | joan Date 12/09/2009, Time 20:15h

    Com es ta la pista que porta fins Sant Bartomeu de Pincaro?Es pot anar amb un turisme?Ests asfaltada?

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