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Net of tracks in the villages of Salines Bassegoda.

Itinerànnia has 2,500 km of marked trails through the Garrotxa, Ripollès and Alt Emporda. The network retrieves historical paths by placing value on the landscape, culture and gastronomy of the territory.


Itinerànnia in Salines Bassegoda


In the area of Salinas has Bassegoda Itinerànnia have more than 240 km of marked trails, from the Alta Garrotxa in Figueres, from Las Salinas in Àlguema. Traditional paths, old roads breeders mass paths, have been recovered so we can explore the ancient routes of communication between peoples of the region, you will be offered furnished, accessible and signposted.


And, if by car you can reach almost any corner or any small village in our region, now on foot is also possible. As if it were a network of roads through Itinerànnia you can explore the most important corners of our lands, discover landscapes of great beauty and high-contrast, have a wide range of activities, restaurants and Stay close to roads, to relax, enjoy the exquisite cuisine of the area and enjoy the activity you like.


The hiking is just walking. It is more than just walking. You savor the territory. It is not only nature and history. In short, the essence of hiking is to find and discover yourself.


Signal Type


Yellow is the color signals Itinerànnia network. We must follow the yellow rectangles. At junctions between different ways of targeted vertical network signals help orient themselves. At the crossroads between a road network and a path not integrated into the network, usually there is no vertical signal. In each suit there indicated the basic location of that point.


Tips to follow the trail signs Itinerànnia.


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  • 1 | Elisabeth Gonzalez Belmonte Date 11/11/2011, Time 13:21h

    Bon dia, estic interessada a fer excursions de senderisme, ja vaig consultant habitualment la vostra agenda

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