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>Albanyà - Lliurona - Bassegoda - Albanyà



Difficulty: High

Distance: 21 km.

Accum. upward slope: 1.596m

Time approx.: 10 pm.

Marked: Yes (MTB, Itinerànnia Road Muga)


1st part. We leave Albanyá, we cross the Buixeda's bridge and after we leave the paved road. We take a path that leads up to a stop where we have nice views to all valley. From the next stop, we follow a strong rise until the Coll de la Creu. From here, we enjoy of the views to the sea and the whole Empordà and Roses, and we can visit the plan of the Massanella and Lliurona village.


Extension: Lliurona - El Mont

We take a part of the cement path towards Cabanelles and there is indication until the Bac's source. Following the path of Bac Source (Oak Monumental), we go until the pick of Pla del vi and we continue until the Joncanat Plain and the Shrine of  Mont.


2nd part. We continue from Lliurona to BASSEGODA by a paved. We will find a crossroad in the left hand, directions to Bassegoda and during the path, Can Nou, where we can take a drink and the shelter of Can Galan. If we follow the path towards Albanyà and turning off the road a bit to the right, in 2 km we will find the the twelfth century Romanesque chapel, St. Martin de Corsavell. From here we follow the direction to Albanyà.








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    Albanyà - Lliurona - Bassegoda - Albanyà Albanyà - Lliurona - Bassegoda - Albanyà


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