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Next to the Canta Mine, on the road to Maçanet from La Vajol

Village: La Vajol

Phone: 972 53 53 25

Poplar (Populus) next to the Canta mine. Poplars are trees that require large amounts of water to grow, so it is surprising that this has survived in such a dry place. Characteristics: A very large specimen. Condition: Tree in very good condition. More information: The poplar is a deciduous tree that sheds its leaves in the winter. In the spring, it will have green and abundant leaves and in the autumn they are brown and ochre. The large leaf stalks of the Poplar let it to move easily with the wind.


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  • 1 | Salines Bassegoda Date 18/05/2010, Time 10:33h

    És cert, degut a la darrera ventada el popular pollancre de Mina Canta ha caigut. S'està mirant si es pot fer alguna cosa per salvar-lo.

  • 2 | Francesc Xavier Arnau Clascà (Granollers) Date 17/05/2010, Time 19:37h

    Aquest diumenge, l'arbre estava tombat per una ventada

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