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  • Can Saguer Spring and Banana Tree

1 km on the forest track heading to Les Salines. Just at the exit, a forest track leads to the spring

Village: Maçanet de Cabrenys

Phone: 972 54 40 05

This banana tree (Platanus hispanica) roots near the spring and is the thickest in Maçanet. Characteristics: It has a 5 m canopy and a 6 m stump with a maximum diameter of 1.7 m. At around three metres the trunk runs into five branches which, due to their thickness, each could be considered a respectable tree. The branches run up to 20 m and the ample thick crown around 27 m. Condition: Specimen in very good condition. More information: The banana tree is an undemanding tree in terms of soil quality and offers fresh thick shade. For this reason, it is found alongside springs and farmhouses. In comparing old photographs, it can be supposed that the banana tree was planted around 170 years ago and, thanks to its aspect and measurements, it could be considered on the list of monumental trees of the Catalan Government.


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