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The fields in Salines Bassegoda are also cultivated for wine

The list of wines from Empordà is very extense. The red wines are from high quality, with body, well constituted and harmonics, on occasions with the nuance of an accurate crianza. These wines of reserva and crianza show very characteristic aromatic notes; they are complex, fragrant, with touches of spices, always sustaining aromas of the fruit and the plant. They express once in the mouth with plenitude, tasty and very pleasant.

White wines are elaborated, often with autochthonous varieties, fresh and tasty, like this like other monovarietals with a remarkable quality. Also pink that a color are characterized cherry well clear-cut, with great personality and delicate aromas, fresh and of moderate alcoholic grade.

A singularity of the zone is the Grenache of the Empordà, natural sweet wine elaborated with the variety of grape that gives his name. Generous, with flavor of the same ripe, warm and silky grape, virtues that grant for an exceptional wine of dessert, together with the other sweet wine typical of the zone, the Muscatel of the Empordà.

The ecological wines, the mistela brandies, the wines of overmatured grape and the sparkling wines complete the wine industry offer of the Empordà.

Two of the cellars that you can find in the zone:
- CELLAR GENERATES, Square Teresa Pallejà 3, in Agullana. Tel. +34 972 53 55 05
- BODEGAS HOMESTEAD LIFE, Outskirts s/n, of Cistella. Tel. +34 93 204 55 98.



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