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The fritters of the Empordà, or of Lent, are a typical delicious dessert from Empordà. They are elaborated in home-made way to|in the majority of the confectionery from Empordà, especially during the days of Easter. 

The mass is achieved mixing eggs, milk, flour, water, anisette, lemon, anise and "celiàndria", and fries are cooked in the frying pan. Then they are sugared or they are splashed with anisette or muscatel.


1 kg - Flour

7 - Eggs

25 g - pressed yeast 

300 g - Sugar

30 g - Anise

30 g - Celiandre

A bit of Salt

3 peels of striped lemon

10 cl - Anisette 

5 cl - Milk

Olive Oil


Mix the yeast in the lukewarm milk. Put the flour in a marble forming a volcano and keep on incorporating all ingredients less the oil and 50 g of sugar. Work it a good while until the mass is elastic and fine, until pulling on, it does not break.  Make a ball with the mass, put it in a recipient, cover it with a cloth and let it rest in a temperate place during 2 hours, until it doubles its volume. 
You keep on taking pieces of pasta and, with your fingers greased of oil, give it forms round, make a hole in the middle and keep on frying them in quite hot oil. 
When they are blond from a side give the turn. Wring out the brunyols and sprinkle them with sugar.


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