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>MTB Trail 26: Estela Chapel



Very interesting trail that follows roads between woods and camps.


Travel distance: 19.64 kilometres.

Min. altitude: 176 metres, max.: 563 metres.

Accum. upward slope: 932 metres, downward: 929 metres.

Degree of difficulty: Difficult.

Finishes at starting point (circular): Yes.


Itinerary: We leave from Lladó towards Pujol. As we enter the woods of Ca N'Olivera, we leave the coniferous vegetation and change to leafy. Ascending, we reach Sta Maria de l'Estela. Higher up are the Mont hills. Once here, we head south and continue riding along the higher basin of the River Manol. We start a smooth descent to Sant Felip and Sant Jaume and right away we are in Lladó.





Comments (1 - 2 of 9)

  • 1 | Consorci Salines Bassegoda Date 01/09/2014, Time 11:10h

    Thanks for your comments jm! We revise periodicaly the trails. Your comment help us to improve. Best regards.

  • 2 | jm Date 13/08/2014, Time 18:11h

    Hello Good trail done this month. Sometimes we lose the road signs (may be I could not find it, like at the crossing of the roads on 8,78 Kms in which I oculd only find rutas 75 and 100 but no more 27). A very beazutiful place, riders enjoy it

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