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>MTB Trail 22: Cistella - Vilarig - Terrades



NOTE: This route is located on the perimeter of the fire which affected this zone THE SUMMER OF 2012. PART OF THE TRAIL signaling has been affected. JUST DO IT IS RECOMMENDED BY FOLLOWING THE TRACK FOR THE GPS. WE ARE WORKING FOR returning the signposting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pretty circular trail from Cistella to Terrades.

Travel distance: 16.94 kilometers.

Min. altitude: 110 meters, max.: 269 meters.

Accum. upward slope: 444 meters, downward: 442 meters.

Degree of difficulty: Moderate.

Finishes at starting point (circular): Yes.

Itinerary: The trail passes through Pla de Camps and up to the mountain range of l'Illa. From here, through the Pla de Palau, we arrive at the hamlet of Palau-Surroca. Through the Pla de la Roca we reach Terrades. We turn south, among rivers and pine trees, following the GR-2 trail to Vilarig, going under its castle. Smooth descent to Cistella from the west.





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  • 1 | Consorci Salines Bassegoda Date 04/12/2013, Time 14:43h

    **** RUTA BTT 22 REVISADA ****Us informem que el dia 1 de desembre de 2013 s'han acabat les tasques de manteniment i re-senyalització del traçat de la ruta 22.

  • 2 | Enric Bonvehí Date 02/07/2011, Time 19:59h

    He fet la ruta seguint el Gps.Sortint de Cistellaun cop pasat el rierol y de pujar el coll, la ruta queda tallada per un camp llaurat i una finca.

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