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>MTB Trail 09: The Fluvià



Travel distance: 30,03 kilometers.

Accum. upward slope: 156 meters.

Mín. altitude: 89 meters  màx.: 162 meters

Degree of difficulty:  Moderate.

Finishes at starting point (circular): Yes.

Itinerary: clockwise route.

This trail runs along the south slope of the town of Navata, and crosses over the limits of Ordis, Vilademuls and Esponellà, where we can pick up connection trails to the MTB Centre in Pla de l'Estany.

It leaves from the area of sports of Navata to Mas Garriga. We cross Mas Pagès and the Alguema river.

After passing in front of the "Hostel dels Ous" and Caselles Mas Camps, we climbed to the Peak d'en Felip and drove down  Romanyà d'Empordà. From the village, we take threading into the Castle leaving the Peak Balcó in our right and reaching the village of Canelles. From here, we go inteo the Alguema forests, going up and down, passing close to the Centennial Desert Pine. We will follow the path through the fields of Can Noguera until you will reach  Espinavesa. Going back to Navata you will pass through Navata Castle.

It is worth mentioning the spectacular views of the meanders of the river and beauty of the town of Canelles. On numerous occasions, the trail enters into the thickness of the indigenous tree forests.





Comments (1 - 2 of 18)

  • 1 | Consorci Salines Bassegoda Date 05/05/2014, Time 14:36h

    Bon dia Joan. Tens raó, tenim coneixement que la ruta 9 té moltes deficiències de senyalització degut a un continu saboteig. Tenim prevista una revisió de cares al mes de setembre. Ens sap greu aquesta situació. Moltes gràcies per fer-nos arribar el teu comentari, això ens ajuda a millorar. Fins aviat!

  • 2 | Joan Date 03/05/2014, Time 21:36h

    molt mal senyalitzada,si no porteu gps us perdeu segur.

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