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>MTB Trail 28: Bassegoda



Very demanding trail, long and with an important climb that takes us from the Emordà plain to La Garrotxa, to one of the most emblematic mountain tops of the area, the Bassegoda with a height of 1,373 metres. It is an itinerary that requires top physical form and mountain bike experience.

Travel distance:  65,5 kilometres.

Min. altitude: 186 meters, màx.: 1.108 meters.

Accum. upward slope: 2100 meters

Degree of difficulty: Very difficult.

Finishes at starting point (circular): Yes.

Itinerary: We leave from Lladó towards Pujol, to follow the same route as trails 26 and 27. We follow Route 26  until to leave the Mont peak in our right hand. After that we join again with the Route 27  until  to cross the Manol river. Then we climb up until the Oliva mountains. We will pass by the hill of  Cirera and we will continue ascending leaving the Peak of Albanyà in our right. Now we start to go down until we arrive to Albanyà village and we will pass close to the spring of Carabinieros and near to the Camping Bassegoda Park. From there, we will follow the route 8, until the crossroad before to arrive to the peak of Fabregas. We will pass by the Ras hill and the Bassegoda hill and then we will join with the Route num.8 until the hill of Can Nou, passing by the spring of Can Now. The way back pass by the spring of Bac, the fields of Guardiola and we will follow the way leaving in our left the church of Sant Benet.  From here we will follow the GR-2 to Lladó.





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  • 1 | Consorci Salines Bassegoda Date 24/02/2014, Time 12:18h

    Hola Jordi, La senyalització de la ruta 28 va ser revisada el mes de juny passat. Normalment no hi ha problemes de senyalització en aquesta ruta. Tot i així quan feu activitats al medi natural és molt recomanable portar un mapa i estudiar bé l'itinerari abans de sortir. El desnivell que marca el track és erroni, en realitat són uns 2100 metres de desnivell acumulat. Per la neu, no podem predir si farà una nevada aquell cap de setmana, normalment no està nevat i es pot fer el març, però cal estar pendent de la meteo. Que la disfruteu!

  • 2 | Jordi Date 20/02/2014, Time 23:14h

    Vist els comentaris tambe voldria sabe si la ruta esta totalment señalitzada y sense cap tall, ja que anirem sense GPS. Gracies

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