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  • Mas Patiràs
  • Mas Patiràs
  • Mas Patiràs
  • Mas Patiràs
  • Mas Patiràs
  • Mas Patiràs
  • Mas Patiràs
  • Mas Patiràs

Located path from Cistella to Llado

Village: Cistella

Phone: 665 34 90 35

Cozy farmhouse with fabulous views of the Empordà and the Pyrenees. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind.


Rooms: 5 bedrooms (4 double, 1 four)

Approximate price: 92-142 € / double room


- Rooms with private bath

- Heating

- Possibility of cot

- Garden

- Swimming

- Dinners, children's menus or picnics

- Pets Allowed

- We rent mountain bikes

- Billard table

- Babysitting

- Taxi service

- Hairdressing and Beauty tractamientos


Track in good condition. Detached house on the outskirts of  the town.


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